7 Benefits of Vertex Financials: Streamlining Your IDD Agency’s Operations

IDD and rehabilitation agencies are tasked with a great responsibility: providing much-needed services and support to those who need it most. However, in order to best serve their clients, agencies need to be running as efficiently as possible. This includes having a well-organized financial system in place. Vertex Systems’ Financial Management Software module was created specifically for IDD and rehab agencies to help them overcome the common challenges they face daily. In this blog post, we will discuss what these challenges are, and how our software can help alleviate them.

Managing Finances at IDD & Rehab Agencies

Most IDD and rehabilitation agencies have limited resources, making it difficult to manage finances effectively. Workshop-related job contracts can require staff to input too much time and effort into properly managing paperwork, which can lead to errors and ultimately more stress amongst employees. Moreover, the transfer of data between systems becomes increasingly complex when these systems are working in silos, meaning  that the risk of data loss increases as well.

Vertex’s Financial Management Software module allows agencies to make the most of their time and money by providing an all encompassing cloud-hosted or on-premise solution to IDD and rehabilitative agencies seeking to streamline their financial operations. With the ability to accommodate the needs of small to large sized agencies, Vertex’s solution can provide agencies with a comprehensive range of features and tools that will help them manage their finances much more efficiently. This includes financial analysis and reporting, tracking and managing operations, payroll processing and recording financials.

Vertex Financials has the ability to eliminate data overload and simplify how finances are handled at an agency. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central framework, Vertex has modified this module to meet the hyper-specific needs of IDD and rehabilitative agencies. For growing agencies, Vertex also enables the expansion of features to its core financial management software.

The Key Benefits of Vertex Financials & What It Accomplishes For Agencies

Vertex Financials provides a wealth of benefits to IDD and rehabilitative agencies, from improved efficiency to greater transparency when managing an IDD or rehabilitative agency’s finances. To expand, the benefits are as follows:

1. Full Audit Trai 

Vertex Financials shows every change made within the software, making it extremely valuable during audits when agencies need to prove legibility of transactions.

2. Improved Workflows

Agency source documents can be attached to distributions meaning departments can review charges easily and efficiently. This means less confusion and wasted time on behalf of employees.

3. Significant Time Savings

Vertex Financials eliminates the need for multiple systems whilst cutting back on manual data entry tasks. For example it allows users to set up fixed assets to automatically facilitate acquisition, depreciation, and disposal entries. Repetitive data entry is eliminated, thus saving time.

4. Real-Time Reporting Capabilities

Receivables, payable, inventory and other submodules are linked to the general ledger so users are enabled to view data in real time.

5. Easy Budget Forecasting

Multiple or unlimited budgets can be reported against, which can also be easily swapped in and out the system. Budgets can be adjusted in, imported, and exported all from an Excel spreadsheet.

6. Simplified Banking

Vertex Financials supports direct deposits (ACH) as well as positive pay while the electronic bank reconciliation functionality allows for additional time savings when  reconciling accounts.

7. Create Your Own Financial Statements 

Vertex Financials also includes a built-in financial statement writer so agencies can create their own financial statements. Additionally, the MS Excel integration via Jet Reports allows users to search the database for their desired reports. 

Vertex Financials is the Financial Solution of Choice for IDD & Rehab Agencies

In summary, Vertex Financials is a comprehensive financial solution for IDD and rehabilitative agencies.  It can help save time, increase accuracy and efficiency when managing financial operations. Moreover, our financial management software helps to avoid costly errors and simplifies workflow processes by providing an audit trail, real-time reporting capabilities, simplified banking services as well as budget forecasting capabilities.  With our comprehensive modules,  IDD and rehabilitative agencies can rest assured their financial operations

Vertex Financials is here to help your agency stay at the forefront of modern day financial management solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how Vertex Financials can facilitate better financial operations for your agency.

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