The Benefits of Using Time Clock in TimeWorksPlus at Your IDD Agency

For an IDD agency, managing employee schedules, attendance and productivity can be an agency’s most challenging task. Especially if the agency is growing and programs are expanding. Having the right tools in place is more critical than ever. With TimeworksPlus your agency can now streamline this process to become more efficient and accurate. This blog explores the significant advantages these tools offer to both management and staff, ensuring operations are both efficient and precise.

6 Benefits of Time & Attendance Software for Your IDD Agency


  1. Save time and resources on payroll work: By utilizing employee timesheet software, IDD agencies can save time and resources on administrative tasks such as tracking, recording, and processing hours worked each day, week, or month. This software automates the entire process, allowing for more time to focus on other important initiatives.
  2. Maintain accountability for employees: One of the biggest challenges organizations face is ensuring that employees are accurately reporting their hours worked. With time and attendance software, IDD agency employees can clock in and out with a biometric tracking system, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, providing an added level of accountability and preventing time theft.
  3. Increase bookkeeping accuracy – Manual data entry is prone to human error, which can lead to expensive consequences such as compliance-related penalties. Time and attendance software eliminates the need for manual input, reducing the risk of errors in bookkeeping and ensuring accurate records.
  4. Eliminate paperwork burdens – Organizing, processing, and storing paperwork is a significant burden for IDD agencies. With employee timesheet software, all records are kept digitally, eliminating the need for physical paper files and saving on costs associated with supplies such as ink and toner.
  5. Stay compliant – Record-keeping and tracking employees working overtime can be a complicated process without a digital system in place. With time and attendance software, IDD agencies can maintain compliance by having an accurate digital trail of employee hours worked, thereby relieving the stress of audits and potential penalties.
  6. Leverage its scalability – As we’ve mentioned earlier, one of the biggest challenges for IDD agencies is managing their growing workforce. Time and attendance software can scale alongside an organization as it hires more employees and obtains more clients to work with. This ensures that timekeeping needs remain manageable even as the agency continues to grow.

Using The Time Clock Feature in TimeWorksPlus 

The Time Clock feature in TimeWorksPlus is a powerful tool that further simplifies the process of time tracking. With this feature, employees can effortlessly clock in and out through a digital interface. The system then automatically records these times, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records. 

Furthermore, the time clock feature is designed to accommodate multiple clock-in methods, including biometric, proximity, and mobile clock-ins. This versatility makes it easier for employees to clock in, no matter where they are, ensuring that all hours are correctly logged and no work goes unaccounted for.

With the Time Clock Feature, you can: 

  • Rapid clock in and out; use biometrics or swipe cards.
  • Interface with your payroll system
  • Utilize biometrics to ensure employees are physically present when checking in.

Vertex’s Timesheets Software Comes With: 

  • Biometric reader
  • Facial Recognition
  • Thermal Reader
  • 7-inch Color Touchscreen
  • Break Tracking
  • Schedule Enforcement
  • Secure Kiosk Mode

Vertex Offers Reliable Time & Attendance Software For Growing IDD Agencies

Without IDD agency software like TimeWorksPlus, managing time and attendance can be a complex, time-consuming task. However, by implementing our solutions, the process can be significantly streamlined. From eliminating paperwork burdens to enhancing bookkeeping accuracy, Vertex’s time and attendance software offers a wealth of benefits, making it an essential tool for any growing IDD agency. 

Contact Vertex today to explore our reliable, user-friendly TimeWorksPlus software and start modernizing your time-tracking workflows to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and compliance at your IDD agency. 

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