4 Case Studies Showcasing the Benefits of Vertex’s IDD Software

From automating data entry to reducing costs, Vertex’s IDD agency software has repeatedly proven itself. In this blog post, we’ll explore four different case studies that showcase the capabilities of Vertex’s innovative IDD agency solutions. These case studies will illustrate how, with the help of Vertex’s software, they improved their efficiency and overall operations.

Ability Building Community: Saving Time & Improving Accuracy in Billing

Ability Building Community (ABC) has been supporting disabled individuals since 1957 but faced challenges in billing processes and customer service before partnering with Vertex. The nonprofit organization was spending too much time on billing tasks and dealing with an increasing workload and inadequate technology. However, since engaging the help of Vertex Systems in 2017, they’ve gained effective IDD agency tools such as Billing Manager, Client Payroll Manager, Vocational Time Manager, Case Manager, and TimeWorksPlus.

Thanks to Vertex, ABC was able to automate and streamline its billing processes, reducing the amount of time spent on these tasks from five days to just three days. Consequently, this saved significant labor costs and allowed some employees to semi-retire due to reduced workload. Vertex’s software not only improved ABC’s billing accuracy but also let their team dedicate more time to their core mission, making an even more significant impact on their community.

The relationship between ABC and Vertex is built on trust and reliability, with Vertex’s team understanding the unique needs of ABC. Vertex’s solution has allowed ABC to save time on burdensome administrative work and focus on improving the lives of disabled individuals. Overall, Vertex’s contribution has been a significant aid to the work of ABC, enabling the organization to serve its beneficiaries more effectively.

The Arnold Center: Simplifying Data Entry & Increasing Accuracy

Established in 1967, The Arnold Center has provided disabled individuals with opportunities to access independence through vocation, social and life skill training, rehabilitation, and workforce development services. However, the organization faced a major roadblock with complicated and time-consuming data entry and reporting before partnering with Vertex. With several disconnected systems, their operations were further complex, making evaluating their clients’ progress challenging.

Since 1991, The Arnold Center has relied on Vertex’s services, and the partnership has yielded tremendous results over the past 30+ years. With the Case Manager module, data entry has been streamlined, enabling accurate client data and progress tracking. The Client Payroll Manager module ensures productivity tracking and correct calculation of earnings, while the Vocational Time Manager module ensures accurate progress tracking and payout. Furthermore, the Billing Manager module and Reporting and Customizable fields features have significantly reduced labor and resource allocation.

The Arnold Center staff has commended Vertex for offering quick and responsive support whenever they need a solution, no matter how challenging the task may seem. With Vertex’s help, the Center has simplified data entry and increased efficiency significantly. The partnership has allowed The Arnold Center to continue providing clients with the best services possible while ensuring accurate tracking and reporting of their progress.

Johnson County Industries: Streamlining Financial Reporting & Payroll Processes

Johnson County Industries (JCI), a coordinated service program for IDD residents in North Carolina, struggled with manufacturing management software that could not communicate with their accounting and payroll systems. This led to manual data re-entry, revenue loss, and guesstimated pricing, resulting in inaccurate decision-making and complex inventory management. JCI needed a solution that could streamline financial reporting and payroll processes.

Vertex Financials provided the perfect solution designed specifically for JCI’s unique needs. Their tools allow for valuable insights that help cut down on revenue loss, save time in payroll calculations, and make accurate operations and job costs decisions. Vertex’s solution also enabled JCI to manage component inventory better and avoid time-consuming manual re-entry.

With Vertex’s integrated Manufacturing Management module, JCI can accurately measure contract profitability and avoid guesstimated pricing. Payroll calculations are done quickly, giving JCI more time to focus on critical tasks. Vertex’s drill-down capabilities for reporting are unparalleled, providing JCI with previously unavailable insights.

Thanks to Vertex’s solution, JCI can streamline its financial reporting and payroll processes, making operating assembly and manufacturing services easier. They have seen significant improvements in their operations and job cost reporting, making Vertex an essential part of their business. JCI is now better positioned to take on its mission of offering vocational rehabilitation and community-based employment and support to those facing barriers to employment.

Lark Enterprises: Connecting Disparate Systems & Gaining Enhanced Functionality

Lark Enterprises has been helping adults with disabilities achieve independence for over six decades, but before they partnered with Vertex over 20 years ago, they faced several challenges. The organization needed a solution to streamline client data tracking as they were losing information through outdated processes and gaps in communication. The previous manual data input system was inefficient, with information inputted three to four times and failing to match up, leading to inaccurate client hour records, case notes, and client books.

Thankfully, Vertex stepped in and provided a comprehensive solution. In addition to streamlining communication across departments and improving data accuracy, we created a Windows-based environment allowing for more coordinated care across systems and departments. Their integrated modules facilitated better communication and coordination, making it easier for Lark Enterprises to meet the ever-changing requirements of their organization.

Vertex’s integrated solution has significantly improved Lark Enterprises’ operations, avoiding paper usage and allowing them to input information into a computer. They no longer have to pay full salaries to track data, which is now done automatically with increased accuracy thanks to Vertex’s efficient data input processes. In turn, Vertex’s solution has enabled Lark Enterprises to create impactful connections with others while achieving its primary goal of helping those with disabilities achieve independence.

Vertex: The IDD Agency Partner for Operational Success

Vertex has been the trusted partner of several organizations that serve the disabled community for over three decades. Our unique solutions allow us to connect disparate systems and enhance functionality, streamlining data entry and increasing accuracy. Our services have helped our partners save time, money, and resources while ensuring accurate tracking and reporting of their client’s progress. 

Contact Vertex today to learn more about how we can help your organization reach operational success and improve client outcomes.

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