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Robust and complete cloud-based software modules for rehabilitation agencies

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Production Manager
Case Manager
Financial Facilitator
Schedule Simplifier
EVV Advocate
Payroll Champion
Vocational time Total
Client Payroll Calculator
Billing Manager
Workforcehub Advanced

Using the Vertex Time Clock | Training Video

Using Vertex Touch | Training Video

Vertex Service Billing | Training Video

Vertex Case Management Multi-Consumer Service Entry | Training Video

Vertex Case Management My Page | Training Video

Vertex Case Management Menu | Training Video

Working with Summaries | Training Video

Service Session Entry v8.3.3 | Training Video

Creating Outcomes and Objectives | Training Video

My Page v8.3.3 | Training Video

What’s New in Vertex Case Management 8.3.3 | Training Video

Vertex Solutions Flow of Information | Training Video

Vertex Solutions Suite Overview | Training Video

Creating Bills and Invoices in Billing Manager

“No Subjects Available For This User” error message

“You cannot assign numbers greater than from the number series…” error message

You must enter a pay code for the record error

“You must specify a Repayment Payroll Control Code…” error message

User loses internet connection while using Client Payroll Manager or Case Records Manager and cannot log back on

“This activity number has been used in the past for a different job in this branch” error message

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