Employment for the Disabled: Achieving a Purposeful Future With Client Payroll

Working towards a more inclusive business is becoming increasingly important to employers everywhere, especially when hiring individuals with disabilities. For almost three decades, Vertex Systems’ Client Payroll module has been helping IDD agencies address the complexities of Section 14(c) regulations surrounding subminimum wage for disabled workers and other aspects of minimum wage law. This blog post will explore how this groundbreaking software has enabled these employers to remain purpose-driven and make a difference in their communities.

The Rising Demand for Disability Employment Services

The demand for disability employment services has been on the rise in recent years, driven partly by the increasing employment rates of disabled individuals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 21% of people with disabilities were employed in the US as of last year, and the post-pandemic period has seen further increases in employment rates. This growth in demand is also due to a gradual tightening of the labor markets, which has resulted in a labor supply shortage, making it more important for employers to tap into the available talent pool, including individuals with disabilities.

To cater to this demand, IDD agencies offering disability employment services require a comprehensive solution for capturing and reporting the time worked by disabled individuals. The Vertex System’s Client Payroll Manager effectively fulfills this need, enabling the collection and reporting of time records from any location with internet access, thereby facilitating efficient and effortless payroll management for disability employment services.

Calculating Minimum Wage for Disabled Workers with Client Payroll

Surprisingly, some agencies have been moving away from sub-minimum payrolls. Though Client Payroll was created for this, many Vertex customers have continued using this tool for their now minimum wage payroll. This enables them to continue using robust reporting and tools to export and upload data to the payroll program to print paychecks.

With Client Payroll Manager, you’ll have a payroll application that meets all DOL rules for your agency type. Client Payroll Manager allows for: 

  • Piece-rate
  • Percentage of workability 
  • Minimum wage
  • Local prevailing wages-based pay  

The application keeps a complete history of how much was paid and when. If you forget to update a wage rate, the Client Payroll Manager has a handy Mass Adjustment utility that will make the corrections to pay for you. Client Payroll Manager can also calculate an average hourly rate with your preference of what types of pay and work dates to consider.

Vertex Systems: Empowering Individuals & Building Purpose-Driven Organizations

Client Payroll Manager is Vertex Systems’ original product. While the tool has undergone numerous updates over the years, our commitment to a hassle-free consumer-based payroll has remained unsurpassed in the industry. With our software modules, IDD agencies can focus on their primary mission of empowering individuals with disabilities and ensuring fair compensation for their labor. As a result, these agencies have been able to significantly impact local communities and create meaningful change for disabled individuals. 

To learn more about how Client Payroll Manager can help your IDD agency achieve a more purposeful future, contact us today!

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