Case Manager by Vertex

Vertex Case Manager provides a user-friendly and comprehensive case management experience, maintaining compliance with automated reminders and organizing client progress from enrollment through discharge.

Elevate Care Coordination with Case Management Software for IDD Agencies

Efficiency and comprehensive care are paramount in the IDD agency sector, and Vertex’s Case Management Software is transforming how IDD agencies manage and deliver services to clients. With Vertex’s Case Manager module, human services providers experience a seamless, integrated solution designed to streamline care coordination and improve outcomes for individuals. 

Achieve Efficient Data Flow With Case Manager by Vertex

Case Manager is a unified platform that streamlines the transfer of information between case management and your IDD agency’s billing systems. For example, service hours recorded by case managers are directly transferred to the billing system, allowing for accurate and timely invoicing. This seamless data flow reduces administrative burden, eliminates manual errors, and ensures that services are accurately billed according to services rendered.

Leverage the Extensive Capabilities of Vertex’s Case Manager Module


Easily Process & Review Referrals

Referral agencies now have a seamless way to refer clients to your organization without relying on traditional methods like paper, pen, fax, or email. Through Vertex’s Referral Portal, agencies can digitally submit client information, minimizing errors and expediting intake procedures.


Track Client Progress from Enrollment Through Discharge

DSPs can monitor each milestone achieved by clients from the moment they enroll to when they are discharged. Our intuitive platform allows you to set individual goals, track development, and manage client objectives all in one centralized location, fostering better outcomes.


Complete Tasks from One Centralized Dashboard

Manage daily tasks, document service time, and support delivery, all through a single dashboard. Now, you can stay organized and compliant with easy uploads and secure document management.


Reporting & Analytics Capabilities

Leverage pertinent data with powerful reporting tools to create detailed progress reports and demographic analyses. Users can also summarize DSP or case manager data input to document client achievements effectively.

Integrated Case Management Software for IDD Agencies

Empower your team with software that complements and works hand in hand with a variety of Vertex Modules, setting a new standard for integrated care.

Vocational Time Manager


Time Simplicity

Vertex Production

Vertex Payroll

Vertex Financials

IDD Agencies Choose Vertex Case Manager for Better Client Outcomes

Countless IDD agencies are turning to Vertex Case Manager to revolutionize their care delivery and achieve enhanced client success.

Our advanced reporting and analytical tools provide unparalleled insights into each client’s development trajectory, paving the way for data-driven decision-making.

Ensure adherence to regulatory standards with secure, systematic document storage, providing peace of mind and streamlined audits.

Our electronic case management system enhances convenience and precision, optimizing daily workflows for efficiency.
Achieve higher productivity levels through a user-centric interface that centralizes notifications, streamlines timesheet management, and consolidates support delivery in one easily accessible hub.

Explore Vertex's Case Management Software for Human Services Organizations

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