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vertex Systems works with idd agency Vocational Time Total

Vocational Time Manager

Vocational Time Manager Enable supervisors and job coaches to electronically record client start and stop times CONTACT US Vocational Time Manager This software is perfect for agencies that operate day and vocational programs and want to electronically track time for activities and paid work. Earnings for sub-minimum and piece-rate work are calculated using strict rules …

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idd agency TimeWorks Plus


TimeWorksPlus A game-changing cloud-based time and attendance solution for IDD agencies CONTACT US TimeWorksPlus This tool’s a complete employee time and attendance system. It enables your team to record staff time and service delivery, track attendance and accrual balances, request leave time and communicate with employees. Limit early clock-in and receive scheduling warnings when overtime …

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rehab agency erp Schedule Simplifier

Time Simplicity

Time Simplicity Simplify your IDD agency’s scheduling process CONTACT US Time Simplicity Time Simplicity is your ticket to streamline the creation and management of complex schedules while accommodating employee preferences, required skills, labor law constraints, and much more. Integration with TimeWorksPlus gives a complete view of planned schedules versus actual time worked. Beyond making scheduling …

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rehab agency erp Production Manager

Vertex Production

Production Manager Grow profitably and discover areas for major savings CONTACT US Production Manager Give your team visibility of their daily performance with job costing and profitability reported by job (contract), product, and customer, no matter where they are. Customers using Production Manager have reported that they’ve increased their profits by 5% or more while …

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rehab agency erp Client Payroll Calculator

Vertex Payroll

Vertex Payroll Eliminate pain points common to most financial software by providing advanced functionality CONTACT US Vertex Payroll This payroll processing module for rehabilitation agencies’ staff is designed to simplify payroll tasks and make payroll information available across your system. Vertex Payroll is configurable and flexible software that enables your team to define payroll processing …

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rehab agency erp Financial Custodian

Vertex Financials

Financial Facilitator Help your team do more in their day without getting bogged down by data overload CONTACT US Financial Facilitator Using Financial Facilitator, your team can manage all your agency’s financial needs, like general ledgers, financial statements, accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets, purchasing, invoicing, and budgeting. You can unleash rich features across products …

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Vertex Case Manager

Case Manager

Your Case Management Software Solution Collect information from referral to discharge and leverage reports from thorough analyses CONTACT US The Vertex Case Manager Vertex Case Manager is a cloud-based electronic case management software solution. Vertex Case Manager was created specifically designed for agencies like yours that serve people with disabilities in the community, employment, and …

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rehab agency erp Client Payroll Calculator

Client Payroll Manager

Looking For A Client Payroll Manager? Our client payroll software meets DOL regulations for 14(c) participants while collecting, analyzing, and reporting client earnings and productivity. CONTACT US Meet The Vertex Client Payroll Manager Our Client Payroll Manager is a powerful cloud-based tool that simplifies the processes of tracking earnings and productivity all while maintaining Department …

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Billing Champion

Billing Manager

Billing Manager Reduce processing time, increase accuracy, and file electronically CONTACT US billing manager ebook download now Billing Manager Our cloud-based Billing Manager software takes the service documentation your direct service providers enter and creates invoices from these same entries, making billing a breeze! The solution tracks everything for you and gives a live view …

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rehab agency erp EVV Advocate

EVV Manager

EVV Manager Meet federal requirements while collecting critical service documentation CONTACT US EVV Manager Utilizing information from Vertex Case Manager, EVV Manager’s expanded functionality enables it to record all services, helping simplify the work agencies do while having access to accurate information. Additionally, GPS coordinates can pinpoint when an agency caregiver arrives at and leaves …

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